School Council Meeting 27.11.18

The school council members had a visit from Mrs Luke today to discuss the school menu. The children came up with lots of good ideas about what we could change or add to the school menu. Mrs Luke asked the school council members to consult with the children in their classes regarding a fun themed lunch in school next term. They have decided to conduct a school survey to find out what theme the children would like best.

The school council have also agreed to the children in school taking part in a competition to design their favourite lunch. This will take place next term. The winner will be announced in a special assembly and they will receive a prize! The council members are all very excited.

Proposed Changes of Uniform Colour

Before the summer holidays, the school council members asked each class to complete questionnaires to find out their views regarding our current school jumpers. The responses showed that a lot of children would like to changed the colour of the school jumpers to purple. The school council members wrote a letter to the chair of governors to ask if it would be possible to change the colour of our jumpers from red to purple.

The chair of governors responded and told the school council members that pupils and parents would all need to have a vote. So voting slips have been given to parents and pupils and the votes will be counted.



School Council Meeting 16.10.18

In this meeting the school council members discussed the importance of attending school. They decided to complete a corridor display to highlight the importance of coming to school and only staying away if you are feeling poorly.


School Council Meeting 05.10.18

In this meeting we talked about what we would each like to do as school council members and came up with some brilliant ideas. We discussed what school council members should do and that we need to listen to other children in our class and act upon their ideas, too.

We also received out shiny new badges!


School Council Election

The children in each class gave speeches this week to explain why they would make good School Council representatives. Each class then voted for their new School Council members by putting their votes into a ballet box. The votes were then counted and the new members were announced.



School Jumper Consultation

The school council members met with Mrs Olsen, one of our school governors, to talk about the possibility of changing the colour of our school jumpers in the future to purple. We put lots of good ideas across to Mrs Olsen and she said that the school will consult the parents to find out what they think. We can’t wait to find out what the outcome is!

South Tyneside Food Bank

The school council members decided to have an ‘American Independence Day’ themed lunch on 4th July to raise money for Hope and Hospitality Food Bank. As a school we raised £60 in total. The school council members received a lovely certificate for their efforts.

School Council Meeting 02.07.18

The school council members have been discussing our school uniform and thought that it might be nice to change it to purple to fit in with our school’s colour scheme. They wrote a lovely letter to the governors, asking them to consider their views.

Running Track

The School Council members and some of the other children in school helped to create a brilliant display in our school corridor to tell visitors all about our running track. Our school also featured in the local newspaper this week. Read all about it here:

Running Track

The children at Monkton Infants School have been celebrating the installation of a brand new running track. The running track was launched by the School Council members who initiated the project after collecting the views of the children in school to find out how we could improve our school and become even more of a ‘healthy school’. Two school members from each class collected data from surveys and questionnaires regarding the design and implementation of the running track. They decided to allocate a specific time each day for each class to complete a ‘daily run’. The children can run at their own pace and will be encouraged to complete one mile over course of the week

    The aim of running track is not just to support the children’s physical fitness, but to improve concentration levels, mood, behaviour and general wellbeing of the pupils. All of the children are thrilled with the running track and are really looking forward to using it everyday!