School Council Badges

In the school council meeting this week the children were given their shiny new badges so that everyone knows they are school council members. They talked about what they would like to do as school council members and did some lovely writing for the special corridor display.

School Council Voting

The children at Monkton Infants School have been voting for their new school council members this week. Candidates from each class gave a speech about why they would make a good school council member. The classes then put their votes into a ballot box, the votes were counted and the new school council members were announced.


A huge well done to all of our School Council members for your dedication and hard work this year. You have all been brilliant!

The School Council Visit Morrisons

The school council members had a great time visiting Morrisons this morning. They met a lady named Angela who took them around the store and told them all about the different types of food that Morrisons sell and where it comes from. The children even got to go on the tills!

They tasted some of the healthy food from the store and made some delicious fruit kebabs.



Strike a Pose!

Monkton Infants School were delighted to be chosen to be on the front cover of the new South Tyneside School Meals Menu! The school council members really enjoyed meeting the photographer and having their photographs taken.


Healthy Plate Competition

The school council members ran a competition in school with the help of our cook, Mrs Roberts. The children in class were asked to design a ‘healthy food plate’ and they came up with lots of brilliant ideas! Mrs Roberts chose two winners and presented them with prizes during the assembly.

Well done to our winners – Leon in Class 6 and Hallie in Class 4! 😊

School Council Meeting 6th February

The school council members had a meeting with Mr Pasca, the school caretaker. He told the school council all about his role and discussed a problem that we have been having in school – keeping the toilets clean and tidy! The school council members talked about the importance of washing our hands, flushing the toilet and keeping the toilets tidy. They thought of ways that they could help Mr Pasca spread the message to all of the children in school.

They have decided to do to monitor the toilets, do a school assembly and ask each class to work together to cate signs and posters to go on the walls in school, reminding children what to do when they use the toilets.

Assembly 16th January

The school council members enjoyed doing a school assembly and telling the children all about their meeting with Mrs Luke and the changes to the school menu. The children in school are all very excited about our themed lunch day and the competition to design their favourite food!

School council meeting 11th December

The school council members worked together to think of questions to ask the children in each class regarding the themed lunch that we will be having in school. We have created the questionnaires and will ask each class to complete them next term.

School Council Meeting 27.11.18

The school council members had a visit from Mrs Luke today to discuss the school menu. The children came up with lots of good ideas about what we could change or add to the school menu. Mrs Luke asked the school council members to consult with the children in their classes regarding a fun themed lunch in school next term. They have decided to conduct a school survey to find out what theme the children would like best.

The school council have also agreed to the children in school taking part in a competition to design their favourite lunch. This will take place next term. The winner will be announced in a special assembly and they will receive a prize! The council members are all very excited.