Outdoor Fun!

We did a different kind of PE lesson today. We worked on our gross motor skills using our trim trail. Some of us even managed to get all the way along the monkey bars!

Dinosaur Poo!

The children discovered dinosaur poo in our outdoor area this week. They thought of ways we could clear it up and then brought it inside to investigate. They thought of some amazing adjectives to describe the poo, they were able to make a list of these and use them in a sentence.

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Road Safety

Class 1 had so much fun in our road safety assembly. They answered questions amazingly and showed such super understanding of how to stay safe beside roads and while crossing roads.

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Winnie in Winter

Class 1 have been reading Winnie in Winter this week. They talked about Winnies feelings at different points throughout the story and discussed what had made her feel like that. They loved playing corners outside – they looked at a picture from the story and had to run to a face  of how they thought Winnie was feeling.

Leaf Man

This week the children read the story of Leaf Man. They then went outside and created their very own leaf creatures using natural objects. They had such good ideas and really used their imagination! A leaf creature has got to go where the wind blows...

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Superworm to the Rescue!

Class 1 worked so hard this week practicing their class assembly. They used their loud voices and did some great acting!

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Creative with clay

Class 1 have had so much fun this week exploring clay and creating their own creatures!

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Supertato to the Rescue!

The children have had so much fun making their very own ‘Supertato’ They designed their own and followed this to make their ‘Supertato’. They look fantastic!

We are Class 1!

This week Class 1 have been painting self portraits. They discussed what they looked like and decided on the colours they needed for their eyes and their hair. They look fabulous!


What an amazing final class assembly Class 1 did today! Such fabulous acting and loud voices!