Jack and the Beanstalk

This week we have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk. As a class we created our own story walk to help us re tell the story. We each walked our story walk and verbally re told the story before writing the story ourselves.

We found a letter in our classroom from the giant and his friends asking us to find out who the tallest and shortest giant was. We decided we must measure the footprints using cubes and decide who had the longest and shortest footprint – this would help us identify the tallest and shortest giant.

Life Cycle of a Frog

This week we have ordered the life cycle of a frog – we then wrote our own instructions using time connective.

Independent writing from Adam!

World Book Day!

As part of our World Book Day we invited South Shields football club into school to read to our Reception!
Jon Shaw, the captain of South Sheilds read many books to our children.
We wanted to promote the importance of male role models as well as
promote reading!

Have a look at the article in the Gazette!

Relay Races

This week Class 2 have been enjoying the sunshine! We completed our P.E lesson outdoors where we practised some of the skills we have previously learnt in relay races.
We practised various ways of balancing a beanbag and various ways of moving. We then begun to develop our throwing and catching skills.
We had excellent team work!

Multi-Sports Festival

This week Reception visited Temple Park to take part in the Multi-Sport festival! We took part in so many different sports including football, netball, rugby, javelin, athletics, basketball and tennis.


This week we have been creating our own own dinosaurs using a range of resources. The children were very good at then discussing facts about the dinosaur they’d made.

We also found a strange egg in our classroom this week, we thought it must be the egg from our dinosaur which arrived in the box earlier this month. We decided the best way to allow to hatch was to put it in some water. Each day we have been checking our egg to see the progress. The children have been writing lovely letters to the egg ready for when he hatches. The children also decided our egg would need somewhere to live, they said dinosaurs like to live next to volcanoes, so we created our own volcano for the dinosaur.

Number Sentences!

This week in maths we have been learning how add and subtract.
We have learnt the signs add, take away and equals.
We used many different methods to help us solve the number sentences!

Dinosaur Poo!

This week we found something disgusting in our playground! DINOSAUR POO! Our pet dinosaur took a poo in the yard! We couldn’t believe it.
The children were amazing at using adjectives to describe the poo, they said it was disgusting, ugly, smelly, stinky, yucky, horrible, fat and brown!
After finding the poo we decided we need to tell the dinosaur what we think of his poo so we all labelled his poo using adjectives and sent them to the dinosaur!
Super writing from Class 2!

Ella decided to make numbers with the poo.

The Snowman

This week in Literacy we have been reading ‘The Snowman’.
We discussed various ways the snowman might melt and we then had a go at labelling our own snowman using adjectives!

I’m Stickman, I’m Stickman

This week in Literacy we have been reading Stickman!
We thought all about the various things Stickman might say and why?
We then created our own Stickman and wrote in a speech bubble what he was saying!
We are super sentence writers, we like to shout, stamp, whisper, clap and use silly voice to say our sentence to help us remember it! Look at some of our amazing Stickmen.

“I’m not a twig”

“Don’t put me into the fire”