A different Perspective

This week Class 2 have been looking at the world from a different perspective. We thought about how a tiny insect would see the world, how a bird might see the world, and how many other animals would see the world. We used IPads to take photos from up above, down below, from the eyes of an ant etc. Look at the fantastic photos the children took!
Once we had taken the photos we then designed them in Art! Look how amazing they are!

Life Is Better With Trees!

This week Reception have been learning all about the importance of our trees!

This is what we have learnt:
– Trees help our wildlife survive, providing food and homes for them.
– They produce oxygen.
– Trees provide us with shade on hot days.
– Trees provide food, for example an apple tree.
– Trees help us tell which season it is.

To enhance our learning and take part in some outdoor fun, we went on a trip to Hardwick Park.
Look at all the fun activities we’ve taken part in:

Creating animal homes, we made homes for birds, rabbits, squirrels and even foxes!

Creating our own collages using the woodlands.

Sensory drawing, we drew what we could see, hear, smell and feel.

Tree Decorating

Pond Dipping!

Dinner with a tree!

Making Bog Baby using clay!

The Princess and the Pea

This week Class 2 have been reading ‘The Princess and the Pea’. We re told the story together and then we wrote the story but we changed the ending! We used our imagination to create our own ending to the story!

Leon created the princess’s bed with lots of mattresses and the pea underneath!

Creating our own ending to the story.

Creating our own ending to the story.

“We have made the princess bed with a ladder on top for her to get on the bed.”

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair

This week Class 2 have been reading Rapunzel. We have described Rapunzel’s feelings and re wrote the story ourselves! We discussed the characters, setting, problems, solutions and special words from the story!

Rapunzel’s Castle!

Re-enacting the story using puppets

Chloe read the words and drew the correct picture,

Cutting Rapunzel’s hair in our finger gym.

Small Worlds.

This week we have been using natural resources to create our own small worlds – we used our imagination and thought about what we could use the natural objects for.

“This is my world, it has chairs for people to sit and watch the sea”

“This is the beach, it has sand here and water here. There’s a big bench at the top so people can sit down and have an ice cream.”

“This is my forest for the fairies to live in. They can hide under these big trees here or they can sit at the sparkling table that has diamonds on it.”

The Royal Wedding!

As the Royal Wedding creeps up on us this weekend Class 2 have been learning all about the Royal Family. We based our assembly on it and also completed some Royal activities.

Class 2 were super confident in our assembly, they used their loud voices and were very clear. Well done Class 2!

Time Telling!

Class 2 have been learning how to read ‘o’ clock times this week! We were that good that we even learnt how to find one hour before and one hour later!

As our topic is Pirates we have been thinking about the different sea creatures. We created our own Under the Sea collages using a variety of resources.

Pirate School!

This week in Class 2 we have been reading Pirate School. We have imagined and discussed what we would learn at pirate school and how different it would be to normal school. We then wrote our own diary entries explaining what we have been up to at pirate school! The children came up with excellent ideas, they said we would learn how to build and drive a ship, how to make swords and also how to find treasure! Fantastic writing Class 2!

We then created our own treasure maps and labelled them!


This week in Maths we have been estimating. We learnt that estimate is a posh word for a guess. We also learnt that we must make sensible estimates.
We have estimated how many marbles in jars, how many pirates are on a boat, how many cubes we can fit in various size containers and how many cubes we can fit in our shoes.
Class 2 were fantastic at making sensible, accurate estimates!

The Commonwealth

As part of The Commonwealth we have been taken part in various activities – we have created our own flags, discussed and written about our favourite sports from The Commonwealth Games and painted our very own queens!