Marvellous Money!

This week, we have been learning all about money! The class were introduced to all of our coins and we ordered them from the lowest to highest value. We noticed which coins were bronze, which ones were silver and which ones were gold. We noticed that the £2 coin was both silver and gold! We have even been trying hard to add different coins together. Finally, we moved onto identifying our notes! We looked at the £5, £10, £20 and £50 notes. We looked at how they’ve changed recently, too!

Football Festival 2019!

Year 1 took part in a football festival at Mariners Park and had a fantastic morning. They worked in teams and practiced their shooting, dribbling, running and balancing. It was a lot of fun, even better was the fact the sun beamed after a couple of rainy days! We got very hot and sweaty so we were relieved to go back for dinner where we had our packed lunches in the hall. Well done, Class 3! There were signs of excellent sportsmanship and I was so pleased to see everyone trying their best.

We’re Weaving!

Class 3 have been learning how to weave! They used strips of coloured card and weaved in and out to create spectacular colourful patterns! This required a lot of skill and concentration so some children worked together and helped their peers. They look wonderful!

Fabulous Fractions!

This week, Class 3 gave a fantastic performance in their Transport assembly. They gave excellent examples of transport in the air, on land and in the sea before explaining what transport was like a long time ago. In Maths, Class 3 were introduced to fractions! They spent the week learning firstly about halves – halving shapes and objects before using a halving mat to halve quantities. After this, we looked at quarters. Class 3 were amazing at finding 1/4 of shapes and objects. They even remembered the terms ‘numerator’ and ‘denominator’! Well done, Class 3. Miss Wilson x

Please Adopt Me!

This week to contribute towards the school’s PDSA Petwise School Award, we wrote letters as if we were dogs in a shelter needing a home! We looked at what shelters are like and what we would say to a human to convince them to adopt us. Class 3 wrote in the first person and thought about what they would look like and what their name would be if they were a dog. They had some excellent ideas and were totally convincing… I’d adopt you all! Miss Wilson x

In Spring…

This week, we are focusing on poems! We wrote our own poems about spring by thinking about each of our senses. We have been learning about the suffixes ‘er’ and ‘est’ and completed a table in which we changed our root words. Then on Friday, we wrote a description of spring. We included adjectives throughout and again thought of our senses and expanded some of the lines and ideas we had used in our poems. Below are some lovely examples. Well done Class 3! Miss Wilson x

Year 1 Easter Story Evening

A huge thank you to the grown-ups who attended the Year 1 Easter Story evening on Tuesday and Wednesday night. The children were read the story ‘We’re Going On An Egg Hunt’ before doing lots of different Easter activities. They made Easter baskets, created paper shape chicks, designed their own eggs and even made their own Easter cakes and biscuits! Miss Wilson x

Athletics & Red Nose Day!

On Thursday, C3 took part in the Athletics Festival at Temple Park. This consisted of the class being put into two groups and making their way around different circuits and activities. We had a blast – and felt super fit afterwards! A huge well done to Class 3 who were so incredibly well behaved, too. We had a fab time. On Friday it was our class assembly and C3 put on a BRILLIANT performance for Red Nose Day. I am a super proud teacher, right now! Miss Wilson x

Wonderful World Book Day

For World Book Day we dressed up as such gorgeous queens and handsome kings! We even had visitors on Thursday and Friday to read to us. On Thursday a man and lady came from library at The Word and on Friday Libbie’s dad came to see us! We were all very excited – we aren’t used to other adults coming in to read us stories and C3 were overjoyed. Here are some photos from the week. Miss Wilson x

Proper Perfect Pizzas!

Before half term, Class 3 designed their own pizzas with a range of toppings. They all had tomato puree and cheese as staples then had a choice of mushrooms, peppers, sweetcorn and ham. This week they got to make their very own pizzas before we popped them in the oven. They were cooked ready for the girls and boys to eat after break – and they were DELICIOUS! Miss Wilson x