Let’s Make Music – with GarageBand!

This week, Class 3 have began to create their own music on the iPads. They were taught how to use the app ‘GarageBand’ and this week they played the piano. They used different notes to create their own tune. This will be built upon next week as GarageBand will be a lesson the children will have week in, week out for the next 5 weeks. They had a blast during their first lesson! Miss Wilson x

Last week of Autumn Term!

We have already had such a fun week… and it’s only Wednesday! On Tuesday we had a special treat – a pantomime! It was called Pinocchio and it was fantastic! The boys and girls couldn’t stop laughing right the way through. Then on Wednesday, our class elf Buddy left us a beautiful rainbow picture. We decided to recreate it and made gorgeous calendars for our grown ups. They’re a little different though, I won’t ruin the surprise! We have even more surprises coming at Monkton Infants this week… Xx

Year 1 Christmas Nativity 2018

This Tuesday, Class 3 and 4 put on an incredible performance for their Christmas Nativity! We retold the traditional Christmas Story with Mary, Joseph, 3 wise men, angels and shepherds whilst singing a lot of traditional Christmas songs. It was filled with joy, enthusiasm and a lot of unexpected humour, too! Me and Miss Holtham were so proud! Xx

Rudolph Toothpaste & Snow Patterns

This week, Green Shift came in to do some Science experiments with Year 1. The ladies spoke to the class about how important it is to brush our teeth and why we do it – afterwards we thought it would be a great idea to make toothpaste for Rudolph! Of course it needed to be red to match his shiny red nose! We also made colourful snow patterns. We made our own snow then used different colourings to change the colour. What a fun morning! Miss Wilson x

Road Safety!

Class 3 put on a brilliant assembly on Friday – all about the very important topic of ‘Road Safety’. This week it was Road Safety week and each class got given their own journals. We spoke about the different road signs and crossings that make it easier for us to cross the road. We learnt how to cross using the Green Cross Code! We need to…
  • Think
  • Stop
  • Look and Listen
  • Wait
  • Look and Listen Again
  • Arrive Safely!

Our assembly told everyone at Monkton Infants about the different crossings. We had our own Lollipop Lady – Lydia! She helped Harry to cross the road. Grace and George explained how to keep safe crossing a road too, they held hands and waited for the green man. We know never, ever to cross if the red man is still on! Thank you so much to our grown ups for coming to see us.

Miss Wilson x

Pudsey Day in C3!

We had a fantastic Friday doing lots of Pudsey activities in C3 after watching C4’s brilliant Children in Need assembly. We all looked so colourful!

This week, we have been continuing to focus on capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We read the story of Little Red Riding Hood and thought of adjectives to describe the mean wolf. We came up with a huge variety – naughty, fierce, scary, fluffy, nasty, brown, creepy, horrifying. We came up with adjectives to describe his appearance… like pointy claws, sharp teeth and a bushy tail! We are superb at identifying adjectives now! We used these adjectives in our own character descriptions of the wolf on Wednesday.

Miss Wilson x

Superstar Acting!

This week, Class 3 got into groups and were given a script of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ to read through. They each had a part to play – Goldilocks, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear and very important narrators who told the story. Each group learnt their lines then performed to the class; we used our voice according to the part we were playing and added actions. I am so proud of the confidence that Class 3 are developing! They all absolutely loved performing to the class! Miss Wilson x


This week, we read the traditional tale ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We retold the story in our own words on Thursday – starting first with a 3 box plan. Our 3 box plan helps us to remember the beginning, middle and end of the story when we come to write it so that we don’t get all jumbled up! We have also be focusing on using capital letters and full stops. We used adjectives to make some simple sentences more interesting.

Below is an example of our retelling of the story this week!

Miss Wilson x

Blissful Autumn Walks

Class 3 had a fab time exploring Temple Park fields, it was lovely to get some fresh air outdoors and do some walking among the Autumn leaves. We made our own little animal habitats amidst the rabbit holes (unfortunately didn’t see any of the adorable rabbits themselves!). With all the walking, we were just SO excited for our dinner when we got back! We drew and wrote about our trip when we got back to the class.

Miss Wilson x

Funky Fruit Salads!

Class 3 were introduced to the story of ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’ and we thought… What better than to make our OWN fruit salads in class! We followed a simple set of instructions to help us make it. Throughout the week, we also learnt about imperatives, time connectives and used bullet points in our own lists. Fabulous instruction work this week, Class 3! Here are some photos of our fruity creations…


Deeeelicious! We are going to be writing out our steps to make a fruit salad on Monday so that we can tell everyone how we made it!

Miss Wilson x