Astounding Autumn!

Class 3 went on a sensory walk around the school to observe the changes in autumn!

What can you see?
What can you hear?
What can you feel?
What can you smell?

We came up with so many ideas and filled our senses tables up in our books completely!

In the afternoon, we made our own scarecrows after designing them the week before. We had a blast!


Such fab hair and hats! Miss Wilson x

Favourite Flowers

We have carried out a survey this week to find out which flower was the most popular in Class 3. We completed a tally chart and block graph. Rose was the most popular flower.

Quorn Cooking

We had a very special visitor in school this week from Quorn. She came in and showed us lots of different recipes using Quorn. We got to the chance to help with the cooking and got to taste all the yummy food at the end. We thoroughly enjoyed this and some of us found out we now like foods that we didn’t used to eat!


Handa’s Hen

What an amazing job the children did today in their assembly. They did some super acting and all remembered their lines. Well done Class 3!

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Running Track

Every morning Class 3 go out to use the running track. We know that exercise keeps us fit and healthy and it also helps us to concentrate on our work.


Out trip to The Word

We had a fantastic time at The Word. We got to complete lots of different activities about Barnaby Bear and even got to do some filming in the TV studio. Here is what we got up to:

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All Around the World

Class 3 did a fantastic job in their Around the World assembly. They remember lots of facts and information about the countries they have learned about.


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Awesome Aiming!

We have worked hard on our aim this week in P.E. We practised different ways of throwing and how we can aim for a target.

Pom Poms!

As part of our Fabulous Fabrics topic in Art, Class 3 have begun making their own pom poms. They have chosen their own colours and thought about what pattern they might see when they are complete!