Super Science

Class 4 had a special visit from some ladies from Green Shift who came to our school to do some Christmas science investigations with us. We had lots of fun making toothpaste for Rudolf and snow!

We put some colouring into the snow to make lovely bright patterns.



Fabulous Phonics

In our phonics lessons this week we have been reading and writing consonant blends in words. We sorted words ending in consonant blends like ‘tent’ and ‘toast’ and practised writing them in sentences.

Finding the Difference

Class 4 have been finding the difference between two numbers using cubes, counters and number lines.

Children in Need Assembly

Class 4’s Children in Need assembly was absolutely fantastic! There was an important message about helping others and lots of facts about Children in Need.

Super singing and fabulous acting. Well done, everyone!




Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Class 4 have been reading the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears this week. They used scripts to act out the story in groups and had lots of fun performing to the rest of the class.

Class 4’s Autumn Hunt

Class 4 had a great time on their trip to Temple Park Fields on Monday. They found lots of Autumn things, including leaves, conkers and pine cones. They even saw some rabbits and squirrels!


Marvellous Maths

Class 4 have been investigating ways of making ten. We explored all possible sets of two numbers that make ten and recorded our findings using part-whole models.

Staying Safe

This week we talked about how the nights are getting darker and thought of ways that we can stay safe when it gets dark. We designed some amazing reflective jackets to help us to be seen when crossing the road.