Describing Autumn

Class 4 went in a ‘senses walk’ around the school to look at how things change in Autumn. We used our senses to describe what we could see, hear, smell and feel.

We came up with some brilliant adjectives!

The Seasons

We have been learning all about the four seasons this week. We drew pictures and wrote labels to show how the seasons are different.

The Alnwick Garden

The children in Class 4 had wonderful time on their trip to The Alnwick Garden this week. They enjoyed looking at the different flowers and got to plant their own wallflowers to take home.

They went into the beehive and found out lots of interesting facts all about bees. They even went on a giant hunt and found the giant asleep, snoring in the lake!

Happy Homes

The children in Class 4 designed and created some fantastic Lego homes in their DT lesson this week as part of our ‘Happy Homes’ topic.

Catherine Cookson

The children in Class 4 carried out research to find out all about Catherine Cookson. They enjoyed using an app on the iPads to create their own e-books about her.

Super Story Writing

This week, Class 4 have been reading the story ‘I Looked Through my Window’. They wrote about the story using some brilliant adjectives, connectives and punctuation, including question marks and speech marks.

Water Safety

As part of Child Safety Week we have been finding out about water safety. We looked at a range of different water safety flags and discussed their meanings. We know that if you see a red flag on the beach it means: ‘Danger! Do not enter the water!’