Remembrance Day

Class 5 took part in the two minute silence to remember the soldiers.

Comparing numbers

 We have been having fun in maths comparing numbers using greater than and less than symbols.

Super bingo!

Class 5 have enjoyed playing bingo to help read numbers in words and numerals to 100 today!

Pirates Ahoy!

Class 5 had an amazing day on World Book day. They dressed up as pirates, took part in a pirate ship hunt, designed a pirate wanted poster and met Captain Jack Sparrow.

Super Computing!

Class 5 visited the Word this week and worked together to create a Lego model and then had to program the model to move in different ways. Fantastic work by all the class!

Great Fire of London

We have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We have used search engines to research Samuel Pepys and have been building models of London’s beautiful buildings.

Cress Experiment

In science, we are testing different conditions of the growth of cress. We have made some predictions too!