Roald Dahl Day

Class 6 did a brilliant assembly this morning all about Roald Dahl Day, which takes place on Friday 13th every year. They told the audience lots of facts about Roald Dahl and talked about their favourite books. At the end they sang a lovely song all about the importance of using your imagination. Well done, Class 6!


Amazing Animation

Class 6 have been learning to create an animation using the Stickbot app.

Beautiful Beamish

Class 6 have had an amazing time at Beamish open air museum on Thursday.  They have learned about life over 100 years ago and even had a try at cleaning the rugs!

Fantastic Florence Nightingale!

Year 2 had a surprise visit from Florence Nightingale.  They learned many facts about Florence Nightingale’s life and her contribution to nursing.

Crazy cup and ball toys

In design technology, class 6 looked at old and new toys and designed and made a cup and ball.  They were very proud of their toys.

Super sock puppets!

Class have designed and made sock puppets in Design technology this week.  They have also had a great day dressing up as superheroes.

Super Science

In science, this week we have been looking at trees and plants.  We have made an observational drawing of a tree, plant and leaf.We have labelled parts of a plant and tree.

Super Samuel Pepys!

This week we have been learning about the Great Fire of London and the children have written excellent diary accounts of Samuel Pepys.

Visit from local artist

We have been learning about the history and geography of our town South Shields and had a local artist called Zoe Emma Scott visit our class today.  We have learned how to draw and paint local landmarks.

The Word Visit

We had a lovely day at the Word yesterday.  We made Lego models and programmed them to move using a motor. We also made our own platform games using 2Simple.