Outdoor Learning!

We love being outdoors! We learn so much when we are outdoors, for example, how our world around us changes, creatures which live in our world and how to look after them, how to become risk takers, how to keep safe and we also develop reflective and inquisitive thinking, becoming real problem solvers!

This week Class 2 have been reading ‘Leaf Man’ in Literacy, we then took our learning outdoors! We went on a hunt for natural objects to create our own leaf creatures, we then used our imagination to come up with our own stories about where our creatures had come from, where they were going, and what would happen next! We used lots of story language, i.e. beginning, middle, end and problem. The children were fantastic at coming up with a problem for their story!

Have a look at the AMAZING leaf creatures Class 2 created…

Vinny’s lead creature is Supertato. He created an amazing story about catching bad guys and saving the day!

This leaf creature is called Molly. She has been blown over the cows and she watched the snowflakes up above

Thomas made a minion leaf creature who was on the hunt for bananas.

Xander’s leaf creature has been blown to the jungle where he is searching for apples – but there was no apples because the seeds wouldn’t grow in the jungle because there was no rain!

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