Road Safety!

Class 3 put on a brilliant assembly on Friday – all about the very important topic of ‘Road Safety’. This week it was Road Safety week and each class got given their own journals. We spoke about the different road signs and crossings that make it easier for us to cross the road. We learnt how to cross using the Green Cross Code! We need to…
  • Think
  • Stop
  • Look and Listen
  • Wait
  • Look and Listen Again
  • Arrive Safely!

Our assembly told everyone at Monkton Infants about the different crossings. We had our own Lollipop Lady – Lydia! She helped Harry to cross the road. Grace and George explained how to keep safe crossing a road too, they held hands and waited for the green man. We know never, ever to cross if the red man is still on! Thank you so much to our grown ups for coming to see us.

Miss Wilson x