Scarily Good Growth Mindsets!

In Class 3, we have been thinking about our own mindsets and how they can affect our view of work, mistakes and challenges we face everyday in class. We have started to develop our growth mindsets and have learned that…

  • Mistakes help us learn and are all part of the journey! 
  • Challenges help our brains grow.
  • We should try, try and try again!
  • We can do anything if we keep trying and never give up.

We all mistakes and they are all part of the wonderful journey that is learning! We designed our own Monsters Inc doors for our new class display which is reminding us everyday to never give up and to not be disheartened when we can’t do something right away. We wrote some class sayings which we will use everyday!

This week, we also made super hedgehogs from leaves we collected at home and on the way to school. Check some of them out!


Miss Wilson x

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